Dr Adrienne Henderson

I have enjoyed working as a GP here in Whangarei for many years and have been part of Central Family Health since I took the practice over from Dr Barbara Carran in 2017.

I have a wide range of general practice experience. 

I work alongside Rae Mc (practice Nurse) and value her experience and skill in all aspects of general practice.

Outside of general practice my husband and I have enjoyed raising our children in this beautiful region.

Dr Kevin Miller

I have lived in Whangarei / New Zealand for many years now and love life here; fishing and tramping in my spare time. 

I consult 4 days per week and spend the 5th day doing paperwork.

I am a GP with interests in all fields of general practice, but especially in skin conditions /cancer. 


Dr Tim Cunningham

I am a 4th generation Northlander on both sides of my family, and have been a GP in Northland for 20 years.

In my practice I enjoy all aspects of General Practice especially Dermatology, Paediatrics and cardiovascular preventive healthcare.

I am lucky to have two fantastic practice nurses in Alison Rossiter and Amy Burke who's skills are a huge asset to the team.

Outside of work I aspire to be Whangarei's balding, visually impaired over 50's GP surfing champ.

Dr Dirk Ziegert

My whole family (wife and daughter)  immigrated 10 years ago from Germany and with Whangarei it was Love at First Sight, so we decided to stay right from beginning.

With general surgical and orthopaedic roots in my career of 25 years, I am pleased to have found my place in General Practice.

Fishing, sailing, kayaking and gardening is where you can find me on the weekends, otherwise I am here available for my patients 4 days a week and happy to enrol new patients.

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